Product description

Keep Your Food Fresh And Organized In The Fridge!

Leftovers and fresh ingredients will no longer go to waste! The ReBag helps keep your food ready for your next meal.


With its durable material, the ReBag can withstand the extreme cold, making it perfect for storing meat in the freezer. The ReBag comes with an airtight seal to prevent germs and cross-contamination from ruining your food.


Key Benefits

Air-tight Seal - Prevent food from going bad by storing them in the ReBag. Its air-tight seal prevents air and moisture from entering the container regardless of where it's stored.


Flexible Material- The ReBag is extremely easy to fill up with treats, thanks to its simple yet convenient design. It can help you store any type of food without making you worry about spillage.


Space Saver - Large packages and bundles of food can take up a lot of storage space in your pantry or fridge. Fill up the ReBag with these treats to help you save space in your storage spaces.


Durable Design - Even when it's filled to the brim, the ReBag effortlessly contains any type of food. The ReBag is made of top grade silicone that will last for years.



  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Blue/Gray/Transparent/Pink
  • Type: Food Fresh-keeping Bag
  • Feature 1: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature 2: Storage In The Kitchen
  • Feature 3: Food Grade Silicone



  • BAG: The bag is offered in 3 sizes and is the first bag to stand tall and stay open for you. Perfect for lunches at work, school or wherever, the bag actually gets clean in the dishwasher with its open rounded interior. Goodbye floppy bags. This is the best reusable solution to plastic bags ever!

DISH: The dish is available in 3 sizes and is ideal for meals on the go. Simply pull the zipper apart and you have an open dish. No lids to store, find, or clean! Hold your favorite salad, morning oatmeal, pasta, fruit or anything you would use a container for. Perfect for storing leftovers or taking meals to go. The wide open top offers a great storage solution for craft supplies, like crayons. Ideal for travel, use the dish for toiletries, cords, cosmetics or snacks.


Package Options:

  • Complete 1 Piece Or 3 Piece Set



Model Number: M0168
Material: silicone

Products will be delivered between 2 and 8.