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EMS Acupoints Massager Mat - PerfectSkin™ EMS Acupoints Massager Mat - PerfectSkin™
EMS Acupoints Massager Mat $69.99 $87.99
Product Description:   Introducing our innovative EMS Muscle Stimulator, designed to improve your physical appearance while providing extreme relaxation and relief from pressure, tiredness, and fatigue. This compact device utilizes Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology and low-frequency impulse current therapy to stimulate muscle motion and promote blood circulation in the massaging parts, helping you burn calories and feel better. With 6 adjustable massage modes and 9 adjustable intensity levels, you can customize your massage experience to your desired comfort or preferred effect. The device also features an auto power-off function, ensuring a hassle-free and energy-saving massaging experience by automatically shutting off after continuous use for 15 minutes. Our EMS Muscle Stimulator is designed to be portable and foldable, making it easy to carry in your bag or backpack for use anywhere, anytime. It is ideal for home, office, or even traveling. This product is the perfect gift for family and friends, as it can solve many daily health discomforts. It comes in black and is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, with USB charging or 2 AAA batteries (not included). Invest in your health and relaxation today with our EMS Muscle Stimulator. Please note that the EMS Muscle Stimulator is not suitable for use by pregnant women, patients with heart disease, or those who have recently undergone surgery. It is also important to keep your feet dry and avoid using the device near water to prevent potential safety hazards. Our 01# Rechargeable package includes one central unit, one USB cable for charging, a one-foot mat for optimal use, and a user manual to guide you through the setup and usage of the device. With its advanced technology and convenient design, our EMS Muscle Stimulator is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their physical appearance and promote relaxation and relief from everyday pressures and fatigue. Order yours today and experience the benefits of this innovative device. TRANSLATE with x English Arabic Hebrew Polish Bulgarian Hindi Portuguese Catalan Hmong Daw Romanian Chinese Simplified Hungarian Russian Chinese Traditional Indonesian Slovak Czech Italian Slovenian Danish Japanese Spanish Dutch Klingon Swedish English Korean Thai Estonian Latvian Turkish Finnish Lithuanian Ukrainian French Malay Urdu German Maltese Vietnamese Greek Norwegian Welsh Haitian Creole Persian TRANSLATE with COPY THE URL BELOW Back EMBED THE SNIPPET BELOW IN YOUR SITE Enable collaborative features and customize widget: Bing Webmaster Portal Back
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Diamond Lip Gloss Matte To Glitter - PerfectSkin™ Diamond Lip Gloss Matte To Glitter - PerfectSkin™
Diamond Lip Gloss Matte To Glitter $19.99 $24.99
Product Description    The newest Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Matte Lipgloss Lipstick is full, colorful, long-lasting, durable, moisturizing, waterproof, matte, glitter, and shimmer. Total of 15 Colors Lip Stick Set, charming metallic, full-size lip gloss of most of the most popular colors. Perfect as a great gift to your Lover, Family, and Friends when Valentine"s Day, Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and other Festival Instructions: Apply one even coat directly to the lips. Then press your lips together and watch it transform before your eyes into a dazzling full, coverage glitter lip; the more you rub your lips together, the more glitter appears. (Long-lasting and Waterproof). This semi-permanent lip color with color lock technology won't kiss off, feather, or bleed—moisture-rich, shiny, soft lips. Punk matte lip gloss  Matte gilt lipstick, with a lovely metallic texture, light and non-sticky, makes people look full of aura.  
Honey lip Balm Moisturizing - PerfectSkin™ Honey lip Balm Moisturizing - PerfectSkin™
Honey lip Balm Moisturizing from $15.99 $19.99
Product Description:   Introducing our Propolis Lip Balm Moisturizing - a nourishing and hydrating solution for your lips that will leave them feeling soft and supple. Made with the finest ingredients, this lip balm is perfect for women who want to achieve beautiful and healthy-looking lips. Here are some of the benefits of using our Propolis Lip Balm Moisturizing: Provides deep hydration to dry and chapped lips Protects lips from harsh weather conditions and environmental pollutants Restores and repairs damaged lips Leaves lips feeling smooth, soft, and supple Infused with propolis, a natural ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and healing properties Suitable for all skin types Our Propolis Lip Balm Moisturizing is perfect for your daily skincare routine. Say goodbye to dry and chapped lips and hello to healthy and beautiful-looking lips. Get ready to experience the difference! Imagine having soft and supple lips that make you feel confident and beautiful. With our Propolis Lip Balm Moisturizing, you can achieve just that! This nourishing and hydrating lip balm is made with the finest ingredients, including propolis, a natural ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Say goodbye to dry and chapped lips and hello to healthy and beautiful-looking lips. Our lip balm provides deep hydration, protects lips from harsh weather conditions and environmental pollutants, and restores and repairs damaged lips. Suitable for all skin types, our Propolis Lip Balm Moisturizing is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!      
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PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak
PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak $29.99 $49.99
🌿 PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak 🌿 Are you feeling tired, stressed, or achy? 😩💆‍♀️ Do you want to cleanse your body of toxins and impurities? 💫✨ If so, you might benefit from PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak. 🧖‍♀️🛀 PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak offers a simple and relaxing way to detoxify your body through your feet. 🦶✨ All you need is a basin of warm water, our specially formulated herbal detox foot soak powder, and just 20 minutes of your time. 🕒 Our Herbal Detox Foot Soak powder contains a blend of natural ingredients, including ginger, mint, lavender, and sea salt. 🌿🧂 These powerful elements work together to draw out toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and soothe sore muscles. 🌊💆‍♂️ Using PurifySoles™ is easy—simply add a scoop of the powder to the warm water, immerse your feet, and let the refreshing sensation wash over you. 🌟✨ After each session, you'll feel lighter, cleaner, and more energized. ⚡💫 Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to rejuvenation! 💪💃 Here are some key features and benefits of PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak: 1️⃣ Gentle Formula: Our foot bath pack features a gentle herbal formula that stimulates the detox process while being kind to your skin. 2️⃣ Ingredient Safety: We prioritize your safety. PurifySoles™ is made from crushed and mixed natural ingredients such as ginger, saffron, wormwood, pepper, motherwort, and angelica. 3️⃣ Relieve Stress and Fatigue: Our herbal foot soak not only supports kidney function and accelerates the basal metabolic rate, but it also effectively reduces stress, improves circulation, and relieves fatigue. 4️⃣ Promotes Better Sleep: Pamper yourself with our drainage ginger foot soak liquid, which is perfect for protecting your hands and feet in cold weather and promoting deep, restful sleep. 5️⃣ Small and Portable: Our foot bath bags are lightweight and compact, making them convenient to store and carry. Take them with you on your travels for a soothing foot soak wherever you go. 🧳🌍 Each package of PurifySoles™ Detox Foot Soak contains 10 foot bath bags, ensuring you have enough for multiple invigorating sessions. 💼🔟 Try PurifySoles™ today and experience the revitalizing power of a Herbal Detox Foot Soak. Recharge your body, renew your energy, and feel the difference for yourself! 🌿💧💚 Gross weight: 82g Size: 12*7 cm Applicable: General Product packaging: bagged Ingredients: ginger, saffron, wormwood, pepper, motherwort, angelica Efficacy: Relax the soles of the feet and relieve physical fatigue Specifications: Gentle: Foot Bath Pack Gentle Herbal Formula Stimulates Detox Elements Ingredient safety: This product is a foot bath bag made of wormwood, epimedium, bath salt, etc., which is crushed, mixed, and packaged. Relieve stress and fatigue: Our herbal foot soak can not only support the kidneys and accelerate the basal metabolic rate, but also effectively reduce stress, improve circulation, and relieve stress. Help sleep: Our drainage ginger foot soak liquid is perfect for protecting your    
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Butt lifter Butt lifter
Butt lifter $29.99 $49.99
These women butt lift shorts unique buttock wrinkles design can help you tighten and lift up your hips in a natural way. Perfectly shaped your booty without looking fake.No more saggy butt. Put your bum fat in right place enhances your own butt shape, somehow reach an hourglass figure.Tummy Control Shorts: Mid-rise design with targeted belly fat firm control to hide the muffin top, flatten your stomach, and reduce the waistline. This perfect body shaper contains 4 glue bones and adds a silicone strip at the top to prevent it from rolling. If you want to look smashing in a dress, these are the butt lifting panties to go with.Slim Thigh Shaper: These panties made you feel very sexy, especially with the lace around the hem, also have a good effect of thigh slimmer. Wear it under any type of clothes, shorts, skirts, pants, dress for dating, wedding, party, work and other social activities.Please Notice: This panty girdle did not have a weird pee hole or zipper at the crotch, but comfortable great fit, and easy to put on and take off.
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GlitLash - Diamond Glitter Mascara Topper GlitLash - Diamond Glitter Mascara Topper
GlitLash - Diamond Glitter Mascara Topper $24.99 $39.99
Get Blindingly Beautiful Lashes With One Swipe Looking to add a bit of sparkle to your already snatched up makeup look? Our GlitLash is unlike any mascara that you've used before. Not only does it lengthen your lashes, but it also makes it sparkle all day long. The GlitLash's formula is enhanced by tiny specks of glitter that make your eyes pop. Plus, it can double as your go-to glam eyeshadow, anytime you want to elevate your 'night out' makeup look. Easy Application - The GlitLash is a perfect mix of a smooth yet thick formula that beautifully coats your lashes. All you need is a few swipes on your lashes and you're all set to dazzle everyone with your unique eye makeup. Long-lasting Formula - Not only is the GlitLash beautiful, but it's also extremely long-lasting. Whether you're partying all night or running errands, the GlitLash will stay in place until you wash it off at the end of the day. Non-toxic - The GlitLash is made of safe and non-toxic ingredients, keeping your eyes safe from harm. This way, you don't have to worry about getting eye infections when wearing the GlitLash. For Any Occasion - Our premium GlitLash is the perfect solution to elevating your regular makeup look. Whether you're attending a party or going on a date, the GlitLash will give your eyes that extra sparkle that you need. Package Included: 1* Glitter Mascara How to use: 1.Gently pulling the eyelid, facilitate better brushing mascara2.When you brush the eyelashes, from the top to the roots of eyelashes eyelashes brushing round3.From the roots of the lashes to brush the top lashes and extend outward, the eyes look up, use the brush tip, top-down gently brush the eyelash root4.Forming! Perfectly charming eyelashes doubled enlarge your eyes and make your eyes charming
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Multi‑Function Slimming Massager Multi‑Function Slimming Massager
Multi‑Function Slimming Massager $129.99 $199.99
  Are you tired of losing weight by diet or exercising but still have not achieved your dream slim body? Introduce our Massage slimming machine; it is a unique and portable body massager designed to help you achieve long-lasting results. The sponge pad is soft and comfortable, so it will not damage the skin during massage. It can massage the whole body, promote blood circulation, and relax muscles, but it also accelerates fat movement and eliminates excess fat. Moreover, the cloth cover is detachable, washable, easy to install, clean, safe, and sanitary. This machine has an ergonomic and hand‑shaped grip design, which makes it easy to use, and not tired after long use. It is made of high‑quality ABS material, lightweight, durable, and not easy to break without frequent replacement. Feature: 1. The sponge pad is soft and comfortable, and the cloth of the cloth cover is soft and comfortable, so it will not damage the skin during massage. 2. It can massage the whole body, promote blood circulation, and relax muscles, accelerate fat movement, and eliminate excess fat. 3. The cloth cover is detachable, washable, easy to install, clean, safe, and sanitary. 4. Ergonomic design, hand‑shaped grip design, easy to use, not tired after long use. 5. Made of high‑quality ABS material, lightweight, durable, and not easy to break, and without frequent replacement. Specification: STYLE: EU Plug 220V, US Plug 110V Item Type: Massage Slimming MachineMaterial: ABS Principle:Using the principle of high-frequency vibration, vibrating deep Gua Sha massage on various parts of the body through the massage head can make the body slowly heat up and quickly crush and burn the excess fat in various parts of the body, thereby achieving the effect of slimming and beautifying the body. The vibration frequency can be adjusted freely.Speed: stepless speed regulationReplaceable Massage Head Cloth Cover: 3 typesApplication: Abdomen, waist, legs, hands, hips, shoulders, etc.Applicable People: Ladies who have a healthy and slim body, those who are fattened by excessive diet, people with obesity and edema, people with cold and puffiness, people who have postpartum repair, people who lack exercise, people who have muscle aches Package List: 1 x Massage Slimming Machine 1 x Blue Massage Head Cloth Cover 1 x Orange Massage Head Cloth Cover 1 x White Massage Head Cloth Cover 1 x Manual Note: 1. Do not use within half an hour after a meal. 2. It is recommended to use a single time for 30 minutes so that the machine and body can rest for some time before using it again. 3. Check the daily use, and lose weight at the same time as weight loss meals or exercises to achieve body shaping faster.  
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Premium 4-in-1 Skin Repair System Premium 4-in-1 Skin Repair System
Premium 4-in-1 Skin Repair System $69.99 $99.99
The High-Frequency electrotherapy treatment technology kills bacteria directly beneath the skin while simultaneously providing a natural boost of cellular energy to both kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation, simultaneously. The glass electrode tube produces a high-frequency current as you apply it to the skin which helps: 1 Calm the nerves with an optional analgesia function 2 Sterilize the zone to heal and to restrain pores 3 Improve secretion causing the skin lean to neutrality 4 Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism The 4-in-1 system is designed with 4 treatment mechanisms: indirect and direct high frequency, hair stimulation, and spark method. SAFE & EASY TO USE 100% Safe to use on sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types. Specification: Voltage: 110-240VFrequency: 50-60HZPower: 10W
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Aloe Vera Moisturizing Toner Aloe Vera Moisturizing Toner
Aloe Vera Moisturizing Toner $29.99 $45.99
PRODUCT INFORMATIONALOE HYDRATING EMULSION [Product Specifications] 120ml [Product Efficacy] The lightweight aloe lotion is easy to absorb, replenish the moisture the skin needs, soft and smooth, help improve dry skin, and nourishes the skin deeply. [Use period] 3 years [Suitable for skin] All skin types How to use 1. After cleansing, take a proper amount of essence and apply it evenly on the face 2. Use your palm to press from the face to the outside gently 3. Gently massage from inside to outside with fingertips 4. Until the skin is absorbed, refreshing and tender
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4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold Set 4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold Set
4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold Set $24.99 $49.99
Raise your nail art to the next level! Create magnificent works of art right on your nails using the 4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold! Get compliments left and right as this mold impresses embossed designs onto your nails, creating stunning sculpted patterns that are sure to turn heads. Enjoy playing with multiple designs all in one mold. These patterns are expertly crafted so that its intricate designs show perfectly on your nails. Non-stick and flexible, it also lets you easily demold without damaging your nail art.    ⭐HIGHLIGHTS⭐ Sculpted Nail Art - Impresses embossed designs onto your nails, creating stunning sculpted patterns. Intricate Detail - The patterns are intricately detailed and expertly crafted to show perfectly on nails. All-in-1 Design Mold - Each mold contains various designs for you to play with. Perfect Demold - Non-stick and flexible, it lets you easily demold without damage. Widely Applicable - Suitable for natural nails, nail polish, acrylics, UV gel and more. Multiple Options - Available in different molds, each with its own wide range of designs to choose from. ⭐SPECIFICATIONS⭐ Material: Silicone Style: As shown Size: 8.2 cm x 14 cm ⭐PRODUCT INCLUDES⭐ 1 Set x 4D Sculpture Nail Art Mold
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4D Waterproof Mascara 4D Waterproof Mascara
4D Waterproof Mascara $19.99 $39.99
Get The Long Lush Lashes You’ve Always Dreamed Of! This special mascara set will plump, plush, and perfect your eyelashes with a few simply swipes from the brush. Introducing EyeCry, our 4D mascara that will give you the look you deserve! So if you’re tired of those flat and thin eyelashes you’re in the right place. EyeCry will instantly volumize those lashes making them pop in 4 dimensions so everyone can see those gorgeous eyes EyeCry is the perfect gift for that fashion forward lady in your life. Give them the gift of perfect eyelashes this year.. you’ll know you made the right call when you see them smile from ear to ear This waterproof mascara will change your look, it will change your life! And with such a large change in such a small package this item makes an absolutely perfect stocking stuffer idea So if you’re looking for a mascara that looks great and WON’T run, or you’re just looking for a perfect gift idea, grab EyeCry and fill those stockings this year with something they’ll love! Benefits Primp Prep & Perfect Your Eyelashes - you won’t believe your eyes when you see what a few simple swipes of the EyeCry brush will do for you, your eyes, and your look! Make Your Lashes Dense & Long - this amazing brush will volumize and voluptuousize your lashes making them more dense, curled and longer for a look that will take your hubby's breath away Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift - this waterproof mascara makes for an amazing gift during the winter season! Help your friends and family looks absolutely fabulous during the holidays! The EyeCry Guarantee - If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!