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230° LED HEADLAMP $34.99 $69.99
The world's first broadest LED headlight, providing unprecedented light coverage of 230°. Perfect for woodworking, handy labor, building, house repairs, and excursions. Stay focused on the job, not the light. Unlike your eyes, the wide viewing angle illuminates everything. Its design makes it ideal for outdoor activities. The world's first LED headlamp with 230° light coverage. The wide viewing angle ensures the best light coverage in gloomy regions with outstanding flood light. Features: Wave Sensor - Waving your hand around the sensor allows you to easily control the lights. Simply wave your hand across the sensor to switch it on or off in an instant. This will allow you to work more efficiently by eliminating the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate specific regions. Side Beam - XPE LED technology provides tremendous light coverage up to 100 meters away. When you're around others, the side beam feature is ideal because it prevents you from blinding everyone in your path. Fast Charging - The USB Type C connection allows for lightning-fast charging. A full charge just takes 90 minutes and lasts 8 hours on low and 3 hours on high. Adjustable Headband - Adjustable to fit any helmet, hard hat, or head size, including children's heads. It's also extremely comfortable to wear, weighing less than 100 grams. Minimalistic Design - Many consumers appreciate the understated design. It has a low profile, is easy to wear, and is lightweight, all while offering bright light and features to give you the greatest lighting experience possible. Specifications: Weight: 125g Power: 10w Max Output: 350 Lumens Battery: 1200mAh lithium battery Charging method: USB Waterproof rating: IPX4 Rechargeable via USB Type C 3 Hours On High, 8 Hours On Low IPX4 Waterproof Package includes: 1 x 230° LED Headlamp 1 x USB Cable 1 x USB Charger 1 x Car Charger 1 x Box
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The Adjustable Tube Cutter is intended for usage in tight quarters. To cut copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and PVC pipe and tubing, the unique ratcheting action works like a socket ratchet. While cutting, a spring-loaded adjustable screw applies constant pressure. Cuts tubing or pipe with precision from 1/4 inch OD up to 7/8 inch OD. Replaceable cutter blades are composed of high-quality, shock-resistant tool steel that has been heat-treated to withstand breakage and to last longer. Features: Heat treatment is used on the blade to achieve high hardness for easier cutting. The surface has been painted with anti-rust paint, which is both beautiful and non-rusting. Keep a scraper handy to remove burrs after cutting to minimize scratching. Pipe capacity ranges from 3 mm (1/8") to 30 mm (1-1/8"). - Compact and lightweight, portable and easy to store. Specifications: Material: Carbon Steel Size: 60 x 144 mm Dimensions: pipe(diam) from 3 to 30 mm(1/8" to 1-1/8") Package includes: 1 x Adjustable Tube Cutter
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Hose Watering Sprayer Hose Watering Sprayer
Hose Watering Sprayer $34.99 $69.99
HIGH PRESSURE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The car wash hose nozzle has 8 spray patters and a soap dispenser. New design technology can concentrate water pressure at a point, spray distance up to 6-10 meters. 8 IN 1 SPRAY PATTERNS: The foam gun has 8 types of spouts ,spin- click spray selector different settings ( rinse, stream, flat, center, jet, shower, mist and cone) which can spout water in 8 patterns for different uses, spray nozzle for garden hose fulfill your different needs. Best for Watering Plants, Lawn, Patio, and Washing Car, Showering Pets. BUILD-IN SOAP DISPENSER: The perfect combination of detergent bottle and the soap dispenser, makes you no longer need to prepare a bucket of foamy water separately when washing. You just need to put the detergent into the bottle, adjust the amount of foam by the rotary switch. Features: Save time money and energy Car home dual, automotive (car wash for 35W-150W), home (for 2-6KG) pressure tap Eight kinds of spray (mist/cone/rinse/stream/shower/jet/center/flat)  Specifications: Water flow control: steeples adjustable Foam car wash: 3 grades adjustable Front switch is more easy to control, Multi-point injection Material: ABS Plastic Size: Approx. 21*15cm Color: Green/Yellow Package Content: 1 x Car Foam Wash Gun
The 18-in-1 Foldable Water Pipe Wrench is perfect for replacing an ordinary wrench in virtually every situation! The faucet installer is suitable for supply nuts, shut-off valves, strainer baskets, supply line nut, faucet nuts.You'll love having this wrench in the home and on the job!Right now, the 18-in-1 Foldable Water Pipe Wrench is on SALE!Features: Durable: Made of lightweight, high-strength plastic and aluminum alloy inserts. Effortless Design: Can easily rotate without scratching your chrome. Multi-Purpose - The open slot allows for easy access to existing supply lines: Toilet Bowl, Sink, Bathroom, Kitchen Plumbing, and more! Easy to Use: super long design makes it easier to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers, and ball cocks. Specifications: Material: Plastic, Aluminum Alloy Color: Red Size: 235 x 57mm Package Includes:1 x 18-in-1 Foldable Water Pipe Wrench
WOODCUTTING FOLDING SAW from $34.99 $79.99
Our Woodcutting Folding Saw can help you in a variety of ways. From emergency situations to being used as part of your basic camping gear, this little tool has you covered! The manual chainsaw is compact, lightweight, and very easy to sue. Regular-sized chainsaws are bulky, noisy, and require gasoline. None of those things apply to our Pocket Chainsaw.This amazing tool requires barely any physical exertion on your part and you'll be amazed by how easily it slices through wood. It works so well due to its "triple sided attack" design. The blades of the chainsaw literally wrap around the tree trunk and cuts it from every angle all at one time! Plus, the bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull. This saves you 50% of work time.Features: Triple Cutting Surfaces - Three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50% faster than traditional handsaws. Fully-Hardened Material - Made of fully-hardened 65Mn steel blade and TPR comfort grip Convenient to Use - Blade folds into handle for convenient storage and transport Locking Mechanism - Blade locks in the folded and unfolded positions for safety Ideal for Outdoors - Ideal for gardening, pruning, trimming, sawing, camping, hiking, hunting and cutting wood, bone and more Package includes:1 x Woodcutting Folding Saw
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"It came in a United Parcel in one stop to the UK.I saw the package and was nervous because the box got damaged.Crafty General is smart and had it in second more secure container and it has zero damage.I recommend it" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jewel Greenfelder✅ Verified Purchase   When you need to remove screws in confined spaces, the Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Ratchet Set pulls them out with zero effort! This tool is amazing for both professionals and DIYers! Our ratchet allows you to reach tight spaces and get your work done so much faster and more efficient. The Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Ratchet Set can remove stripped, broken, and even rusted screws with ease! Features: High-Quality Material - High torque & toughness S2 Cr-Mo alloy steel screwdriver bit (21Pcs) with industrial-grade service life; 9pcs Cr-V Socket Set The handle is comprised of lightweight 6063 forged aluminum alloy with a high-strength 5030 alloy steel ratchet gear. Efforts-Saving Design - 58-tooth forward and reverse ratchet construction, 6.2 degree ratchet design, can be correctly adjusted. The ratchet handle is 3.62 inches long and magnetically absorbs the bit. High torque in a small space, saving 80% effort. Multi-functional Use - Batches rich and widely utilized It may be used to assemble and disassemble home and office furniture, household appliances, mobile phones, and outdoor riding equipment. It can handle any situation. Professional Storage Box - The storage box is built of a unique impact-resistant high-strength ABS+PP material that is not only beautiful but also durable. Inside the storage box is a shock-proof EVA inner tray that can securely hold tools and give adequate storage space for accessories, preventing them from being spread after impact. Small, light, and portable. Specification: ‎Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Dimensions: ‎6.3 x 3.64 x 1.42 inches Weight: ‎15.8 ounces Color: Black Head Styles: ‎Flat, Phillips, Torx, Hex Package includes: 1 x 1/4" Mini Ratchet Wrench 1 x Drill Extension Rod 3 x Phillips Bits (PH1, PH2, PH3) 3 x Slotted Bits (SL4, SL5, SL6) 8 x Torx Bits (T5, T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27) 7 x Hex Bits (H1.5, H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6) 1 x Adapter 9 x Sockets (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm)   This item is NOT sold in stores!Guaranteed Safe Checkout:PAYPAL | VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | DiscoverClick ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW!100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.*Due to high demand please allow up to 10 Business Days for delivery
To enhance the efficiency of your lawn mowing operation, make sure your lawnmower is in good working order. Lawnmower blades need to be sharpened every now and then as they become dull or rusted. The Lawnmower Blade Sharpener is specifically intended to be used with a power drill to sharpen your lawnmower blade, making the process easier because it can be completed in minutes with only a power drill. Install the sharpener onto your power drill, just like a drill bit, and it's ready to sharpen any dull blade; it's a must-have tool for lawn mower and lawn tractor blades. The Lawnmower Blade Sharpener is constructed of corundum, a durable material that may be used for a long time.A blunt blade rips and pulls the grass, leaving rough tears that weakens the plant. Keeping your mower blade sharp cuts the grass cleanly, allowing the plant to heal and recover quickly.Complete your lawn-cutting chore faster with less stress on the mower. Give your lawnmower blade a sharp edge in minutes, maximizing cutting performance.Keeping your mower blade sharp prevents grass diseases and fungal growth. Studies show that a blunt mower blade is one of the main causes, so it is important to keep it sharp. BENEFITS: Cut Flawlessly - Sharpens blades in a refined shape to ensure a clean cut for a healthier lawn. Universal - Fits all domestic drill models and is easy to install. Compatible with any 1/4" or 5/8" electric drills. Extra Long Life  - Made  of Corundum which has high durability and suitable for long time usage. Revive Your Mower - Maximizes cutting performance and gives your blunt blade a razor sharp edge in minutes. Save Time  - Get your lawn-cutting jobs finished 10x faster, saving you time and energy.  Compatible with all models of electric drills, this  Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener is designed  to make the sharpening process easier and simpler. It can quickly put a smooth, razor sharp edge on the mower blade in just minutes. The perfect tool to for keeping both your lawnmower blades and lawn in its prime condition.   This item is NOT sold in stores!Guaranteed Safe Checkout: VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | DiscoverClick ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW!100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.
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The Superior Universal Torque Wrench Sleeve is perfect for a wide application of uses. The tool can be used to tighten, loosen, and remove nuts, bolts, screws, and more. You'll be impressed by the unique design of the tool and how well it handles. Our Superior Universal Torque Wrench Sleeve is made from high-quality materiel that is built to last and won't corrode. Use it in either a professional or DIY setting. Makes your job so much easier! Overview:1.100% brand new and high quality2.Can disassemble various shapes,  nuts , screws , hook, lag screws and bolt heads, etc3.Self- adjusts to fit thousand of fastening4.Polished chrome finished5.Can be applied for automotive industry use, household maintenance, manufacturing industry, construction and other industries.6. It is compact and easy to carry. Remove screws, rotating hooks, disassemble flat head screw. Removing irregular screws and remove broken taps. Tightening knobs.7.Automatic standard and metric application8. Power drill adapter included9. Professional grade universal socket wrench set   Specifications: Package Weight: 0.435 kg Package Includes: 1 x Superior Universal Torque Wrench Sleeve 1 x Tool Storage Box
DrillExtend - Angle Grinder Extension Connecting Rod DrillExtend - Angle Grinder Extension Connecting Rod
DrillExtend - Angle Grinder Extension Connecting Rod from $9.42
Looking for a way to increase the length and reach of your handy angle grinder? Simply equip it with the DrillExtend so that you can perform a variety of grinding tasks with ease. ▶ Great for small areas By using an extended shaft, additional clearance can be provided to safely polish these areas without the risk of hitting/damaging the paint. Details such as lights, door handles, emblems, interior console panels, and more. ▶Seamless docking Precise thread for stable installation. Smooth grinding, not loose. ▶ Easy installation Notched for easy removal with a wrench, fits Model 100 Angle Grinders/Polishers. ▶ Super extension The rotating extension shaft is designed with details and durable quality. ▶Widely used The rotating extension shaft can be used for grinding and polishing deep stones such as inside corners and special shapes. It needs to be matched with various grinding heads, grinding wheels, grinding discs, grinding discs, mold openers, etc. Problems with narrow and awkward areas such as bumpers. Material: high quality 45# steel Color: silver Length: 80mm Specific size: as shown in the figure Package includes: 1* Angle Grinder Extension Connecting Rod. Warm Tip: Dear buyer, due to lighting effect, monitor's brightness, manual measurement, etc., there could be some slight differences in the color and size between the photo and the actual item. Sincerely hope that you can understand! Thank you! This item is NOT sold in stores! Guaranteed Safe Checkout:  VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | Discover Click ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.  
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Now you can easily complete any types of wood carving projects, with faster and higher precision detailing with the Wood Carving & Engraving Drill Bit Set.Simply attach it into a Drill and you are good to go! Convenient & easy to use, which allows you to carve wood effortlessly, unlike traditional carving which may damage and bruise your hands.It cuts fast, lasts long, and works efficiently where other conventional tools usually fail! The perfect tool for DIY wood projects, create your own wood crafts and bring the masterpiece into life! FEATURESHighly EfficientThese burrs are intended for faster wood removal. Made of sharp high-speed steel, you can easily pare away woods much faster while leaving a smoother finish.Optimal Precision and Detailing Make wood carving a breeze without damaging the woods. Get accurate results with a smooth finish. No retouch needed.Simple & EasyJust install it like any other typical drill bit and it’s ready for some great action.Widely CompatibleThe universal shank fits most drilling tools and the bits are available in multiple bit sizes to fit your carving needs! It can be used for wood, acrylic, PVC & ABS plastic.Build to LastUltra-durable carving bits with high resistance to corrosion and impact. They can withstand intense and heavy use. A great tool to consider for everyday and repeated use. SPECIFICATION Material: High-Speed Steel Shank Size: 3mm Head Shaft Sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm PACKAGE INCLUDESWood Carving & Engraving Drill Bit SetThis item is NOT sold in stores!Guaranteed Safe Checkout:PAYPAL | VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | DiscoverClick ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW!100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.
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Drill tap bits increase efficiency of operation by allowing for drilling and tapping to be accomplished in a single pass. These HSS drill and tap bits are great tools used to create screw threads, to cut or form the female portion of the mating pair. They are used on a machine to do the tapping, such as a lathe. Machine tapping with these taps is faster, and generally more accurate because human error is eliminated.Specifications:Material: High speed steel(titanium coated )Color: As pictures showHex Shank: 6.35mm(1/4″)Standard: MetricThread Size: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10Pitch: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mmUsed On: MachineFunction: DrillingQuantity: 6
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Our Diamond Drill Bits are much stronger, durable, and longer-lasting than glass or tile. These bits are made from non-corrosive material that is meant to stand up to the toughest of jobs.Feel free to cut holes through a variety of materials such as glass, ceramics, porcelain, tile, limestone, slate, marble, granite, light stone, and fiberglass.You won't be sorry you invested in this 15-piece drill bit set!FEATURES: DURABLE: Our drill bits are very tough and capable of lasting a long time, even under extreme conditions WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable for use on a variety of materials including glass, tile, marble, etc. NON-CORROSIVE: Nickel-plated with a diamond dust coating ensures that these bits will never rust. They cut quickly and accurately, every time SMOOTH CUTS: Sharp drill bits make smooth cuts without leaving any jagged edges behind SMALL RESISTANCE: Small incision resistance, opening speed is quick with easy removal of chips STANDARD DRILL USE: Always use lubrication (water), otherwise the diamond core drill will burn. Warnings: Not for use on Concrete or for depths beyond about 1/2"; Water is required for lubrication when drilling SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Steel Size (outside diameter): 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 26 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm Total length: about 5.5 cm Applicable Industry: Suitable for Stone, Tiles, Ceramics, Glass and Granite, etc Processing. PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 Set x Diamond Hole Drill Bit Set (15 Pieces)
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4-in-1 Lineman Plier 4-in-1 Lineman Plier
4-in-1 Lineman Plier $39.99 $79.99
"I have zero complaints. Everything is accurate from the description.I am glad I caught it on sale to see that is worth the original price as well. I stand by it and recommend shopping here at crafty g." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ashton Murphy Verified Buyer   Crafty General Presents this multi-functional combination plier that can easily do stripping,  cutting, crimping and even unscrew rusted bolts The gripping design is not only made to save you time but also energy when unscrewing or crimping. The plier is made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel, extremely robust, and unbreakable. The special nickel surface ensures that no rust or discoloration can take hold. The soft-grip surface allows comfortable and ergonomic use with all pliers. The handle is made of PP+TPR materials, provides extra comfort, and reduces hand fatigue. With carbon steel material, the pliers can cut all kinds of solid materials such as nails, drill bits, and chains. It is an indispensable tool for every worker, widely used in construction, repair, installation, or in families. Click ADD TO CART to Order Yours Today!   "Great packaging and quality tool.I recommend it." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Keven Boyle Verified Buyer DIY Supplies: ELECTRICALMaterial: Stainless steelFeatures: INSULATEDHandle Style: BentApplication: Multi FunctionalModel Number: PliersType: Multifunctional Plier    This item is NOT sold in stores! Guaranteed Safe Checkout:  VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | Discover  Click ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.
6Pcs Tap Drill Bits 6Pcs Tap Drill Bits
6Pcs Tap Drill Bits $39.99
These Bits Will Automatically Thread Every Hole You Drill!   Don't you hate constantly replacing your drill bits with a tapper whenever you need to drill a hole?  This one-of-a-kind drill bit set threads your holes automatically anytime you drill a hole for your screws. Increase your productivity and efficiently drill holes and tap them without even having to change your bits. It includes everything you need to drill and thread your holes simultaneously. With the all-in-one Drill Thread Tap Bits, you'll have everything you need to drill and thread your holes! This drill and tap bit set is made of high speed steel, hardness, rustproof, solid and durable. Suitable for drilling, tapping and cutting on various strong materials. FEATURES Exquisite workmanship- Durable taps are made of high speed steel, which can ensure sharp, fast execution and retain strength and efficiency. The surface is treated with a titanium alloy, which greatly improves the cutting performance of the drill, is more wear-resistant and prolongs the service life. Ergonomic Design- The product portfolio includes imperial /metric /American sizes, so it has high versatility. Each tap drill is engraved with a label, which is convenient for you to choose the size that suits you. The convenient ¼-inch (6.35mm) hex shank has a tapered end to prevent excessive knocks. Back taper exceeds the tap to prevent over-drilling and damage to the thread. 【High efficiency 】 They are taps with drilling function, three-in-one operation, which can drill, tap, deburr and counter holes on copper, brass, aluminum, metal sheet and plastic at the same time, so as to quickly , Complete work completely, greatly save processing steps and time costs, and improve work efficiency. 【Various sizes】Can be used to tap various threads.6 imperial sizes of thread tap drill bit(1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”) included in the set to meet your diversified requirements. 【Widely Application 】Ideal for drilling, tapping, cutting on wood, soft metal, aluminum plate, iron, etc. Widely used in on-site tapping construction applications, maintenance and repair, assembly, manufacturing and production environments. SPECIFICATION Suitable for soft metal, aluminum, and iron High-speed steel(HSS ) material Shank: 1/4″ (6.35mm) hex shank METRIC SIZES M3x0.5: Total length: 54mm, drill diameter: 2.5mm M4x0.7: Total length: 54mm, drill diameter: 3.3mm M5x0.8: Total length: 55mm, drill diameter: 4.2mm M6x1: Total length: 56mm, drill diameter: 5.0mm M8x1.25: Total length: 57mm, drill diameter: 6.8mm M10x1.5: Total length: 58mm, drill diameter:8.5mm Square handle: 6.35mm       This item is NOT sold in stores! Guaranteed Safe Checkout:  VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | Discover Click ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.
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3 in 1 Laser Measuring Tape W/ Roll Cord 3 in 1 Laser Measuring Tape W/ Roll Cord
3 in 1 Laser Measuring Tape W/ Roll Cord $34.99 $59.99
This amazing 3-in-1 measuring tape uses digital technology to give you accurate measurements every single time!You've never measured anything faster or easier, before! This tape measure is very easy to use.This digital tape measure is built to professional contractor standards. It's superior in strength and design. Plus, it gives you 100% accurate measurements every single time.THREE WAYS TO MEASURE: ROLLER MODE: Measure any curved surface or irregular shaped objects just by rolling the attached wheel for length or distance. STRING MODE: The String Mode allows you to measure anything rounded without limitations. LASER MODE: Just point the laser and measure distance in an instant. ACCURATE TO 1/100TH OF AN INCHOur digital measuring tape has a built-in LED digital readout that can easily be seen, built-in memory storage, and a toggle mechanism that allows you to go back and forth between metric systems.Measure King is made from high-quality material that meets all industry standards, It's highly durable and built to last.MADE TO MEASURE ANY AND ALL SURFACES NO MATTER THEIR SHAPE OR SIZEFlimsy, bendy tape measures are a thing of the past. You don't need to deal with them any more! measure King's digital design helps you measure anything with ease.SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic Size: 8.5 x 8.5 x 3.3cm (3.35 x 3.35 x 1.23") PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x Measure King™