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Quick Cup Cooler



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Have you ever went out to run errands and on the way home you stop to get a case of drinks. Once your home you check the freezer for ice but the trays are empty. Now you just think and wish for a cold drink......Well the Quick Cup Cooler is the solution!

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INSTANT COOLER-Cup Cooler adopts advanced refrigeration chip, the cup cooler can cool the drink to 5℃ in mins, 4 times faster than a refrigerator. The instant cooling cooler can lower the temperature of the metal base to 20℃ within the 30s. The method of use is quick and easy. After the power is turned on and the switch is turned on, the temperature of the metal dial of the base starts to cool down.

EASY TO USE -Two cooling methods, sinking and reversing. Just pour the beverage into the cup or put the drink bottle directly into the cup. Please attention that adds some water if you put the drink bottle directly into the cup. One button to open the cooling mode, quickly reach the freezing point, the cooling temperature can be reduced to 5 degrees, can be cooled ice cream, beer, yogurt, juice and so on.

SILENT AND ENERGY SAVING-Built-in silent mode in the machine, so it won't bother you when you use it at home. It has a sunken design to prevent cold air spilling  out and designed to be energy saving. Adopt high-conductivity endothermic die-casting aluminum cold forging blade radiator. Effectively guarantees lower cooling and cooling efficiency to achieve the best cooling effect.

APPLICABLE PLACE- Enjoy cool anytime, anywhere. Creative sunken design to prevent cool air overflow and reduce loss. In order to ensure the refrigeration effects, please use the aluminum cup matched with the main engine! Don't use other cups!

MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT : The food grade aluminum cup is made of high purity special food grade aluminum. It has the characteristics of light weight and strong conductivity. Using advanced ECT semiconductor refrigeration chip, in general. The mini beverage cooling cup is a great gift for wife, lover, dad, mom, friend, husband or anyone for any occasion. It's a gift to remember!


Elegant and simple, free frosting
Meet the needs of high capacity refrigeration
Two-way exhaust, hot air does not blow directly
Advanced semiconductor system cooling
Plug type: US plug, applied to Canada, India, Japan,
Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States, the Philippines and so on.
EU Plug is applied to European countries
Rated voltage: 110 (V)/220V
Rated power: energy consumption 3A-5A (W)
Material: ABS/metal
Size: 15.7 * 12 * 9cm
Contents of the package:
1 * cooling cup
1 * Power supply


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