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Women’s Ladies Knit Trainers Women’s Ladies Knit Trainers
Women’s Ladies Knit Trainers $39.99 $79.99
😍 CHANGE YOUR SHOES & SAVE YOUR FEET 😍 Breathable and Super Lightweight These shoes are suitable for any daily use, such as long-time standing work, walking, casual, floor shoes, plantar fasciitis, nursing, fishing, gardening, etc.    😍 CHANGE YOUR SHOES & SAVE YOUR FEET 😍 FEATURES AND BENEFITS Provide Good ARCH SUPPORT Distribute Pressure Evenly Correct Poor Posture Relieve the Pain of Fasciitis Super Comfortable For All Day Walking Breathable and Super Lightweight Plantar fasciitis? Foot pain? Knee pain?  Now our KnitFoot-Non Slip Breathable Sneakers offer the ultimate footwear solution! With a three arch support design and a soft sole to keep your feet comfortable, health safety, and style on point.   Moreover, the polyurethane sole and shock-absorbing EVA sock liner design make this shoe the perfect work shoe for those who need to stand or walk for long periods of time.   They are made of a breathable and smooth fabric that provides great freedom and a comfortable feeling, super lightweight and flexible just like socks, letting you enjoy your travel on holidays.     "I like the lightness and texture I recommend them" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Chantel Peary Verified Buyer    FREE Express Delivery  WOMEN'S DESIGN Upper Material: Mesh (Air mesh) Outsole Material: PU Insole Material: Rubber Lining Material: Cotton Fabric Questions? Contact us info@craftygeneral.com Please carefully read our sizing table       This item is NOT sold in stores! Guaranteed Safe Checkout:  VISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | Discover  Click ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.  
The Watering Can Solar Lamp is nostalgic, stylish, and practical. The warm white light-dotted LEDs are strung on the fine copper wire and add charm as they sway in the breeze. It can produce a soothing rain-like sound. It bends flexibly and may be put close to plants, windows, furniture, and so forth.Features: Elegant & Functional - The solar lamp provides much-needed illumination as well as beautiful projection patterns. Automatic on/off - The light turns on automatically at dusk and turns off automatically at sunrise. Simply place it in a sunny location, allow it to absorb some light (approximately 8 hours), and then expose it to warm, gentle light for 6-8 hours. (Tip: The lampshade has an ON/OFF switch; make sure you use it the first time you use it.) Quick Installation - Simply open the lid, turn on the switch, and put or HANG the light anywhere you want it. Solar-Powered - There is no need for a power cord; simply position it in a sunny location! Solar panels harness the sun's energy to power a 300mAh Ni-MH battery, which is both energy efficient and environmentally beneficial. Waterproof & Rustproof - It's watertight (IP44), heat-resistant, and can withstand a variety of weather situations. Do not put it in the water. Specification: Can Size: diameter 11cm, height 13.5cm, whole 80cm Material: Iron Solar Panel: Polycrystalline: 2V 120mah Battery: 1.2V AA 600mah LED Amount: 36 silver wire lights Light color: warm light Remarks: The bracket is foldable, and the hook is facing outwards. When you receive it, you need to put the light in.Package includes:1 x Watering Can Solar Lamp
WOODCUTTING FOLDING SAW from $34.99 $79.99
Our Woodcutting Folding Saw can help you in a variety of ways. From emergency situations to being used as part of your basic camping gear, this little tool has you covered! The manual chainsaw is compact, lightweight, and very easy to sue. Regular-sized chainsaws are bulky, noisy, and require gasoline. None of those things apply to our Pocket Chainsaw.This amazing tool requires barely any physical exertion on your part and you'll be amazed by how easily it slices through wood. It works so well due to its "triple sided attack" design. The blades of the chainsaw literally wrap around the tree trunk and cuts it from every angle all at one time! Plus, the bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull. This saves you 50% of work time.Features: Triple Cutting Surfaces - Three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50% faster than traditional handsaws. Fully-Hardened Material - Made of fully-hardened 65Mn steel blade and TPR comfort grip Convenient to Use - Blade folds into handle for convenient storage and transport Locking Mechanism - Blade locks in the folded and unfolded positions for safety Ideal for Outdoors - Ideal for gardening, pruning, trimming, sawing, camping, hiking, hunting and cutting wood, bone and more Package includes:1 x Woodcutting Folding Saw
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Give your dog the gift of water time fun with the incredible Pet Summer Sprinkler Pad! This sprinkler pad is nothing less than a stellar treat for your pooch. The safe, inflatable mat is made from durable material that is virtually pierce proof. Right now, the Pet Summer Sprinkler Pad is on SALE! Features: Perfect for cooling your pet down on hot days Very entertaining for both humans and dogs Suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets Made from non-toxic PVC plastic that's very strong Includes hose connector tool to connect to most hoses/taps Easy to set up! Just attach to the garden hose! Increase water pressure to increase the height of the sprinkler flow Foldable when not in use for easy storage Perfect for washing your dog Specifications: Material: PVC Plastic Size: 170 x 170cm Package Includes: 1 x Pet Summer Sprinkler Pad
Lawn Care Spray Bottles
Lawn Care Spray Bottles $24.99
The Ultimate Solution For A Luscious Green Lawn! Our lawn sprayer allows you to plant new grass easily, just spray the green mousse and seed formula onto the problematic lawn area. It takes 4-7 days for seeds to germinate and 17 days for complete coverage.  Safe and Harmless One week after the grass is completely covered, pets and children can freely play on the lawn. This product has been tested, please rest assured that your pet will like their new synthetic grass New upgrade:after research, it can quickly kill insects such as crickets, carpenter ants, harvester ants, ladybugs, and ear borers while ensuring your pet's health and providing up to 12 weeks of control. Main Features Spray-on grass seed, often known as “hydroseeding” is the process of spreading grass seedusing a pre-mixture liquid. It’s like spray painting your lawn but instead of paint it’s a mixture of (mostly) water, grass seed, mulch, and bonding agent,  so the water pressure available through a garden hose is enough to spread the mixture. Say goodbye to those dry spots,dog spots, high traffic areas, and shade.Green Grass Lawn Spray lets you easily plant and grow new grass exactly where you want it.  Attach to any garden hose and you can clearly show where you are planting as you spray. Each kit can reseed a 100-foot square area / 10 square meters or 200 spots.Easy to apply and provides the perfect solution for homeowners with patchy lawnsthat need repair. The lawn is an intoxicating sight. After 1 month, the seed spray will let you have a green lawn and become the enviable house of your neighbors! Each kit can reseed a 100-foot square area / 10 square meters. PROS: Easy to use Demonstrate results within two weeks at maximum Suitable for filling in bare patches from dog potty spots The special formula contains patented seed grass technology that promotes the growth of any variety of grass. Within just a few weeks, your patchy lawn will grow with thick, green, and luscious blades of grass! SPECIFICATIONS: Material: PP+ABS Size: 56.5 x 35 x 18cm/22.3 x 13.7 x 7in Place: Garden/Patio/Lawn PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Sprayer/LIQUID/Sprayer+LIQUID FAQs 1. Will rain wash spray-on grass seeds away? No, a typical rainstorm may wash away some of the green colorings that come with your hydroseed but it shouldn't displace the grass seeds. If you get an exceptionally heavy storm right after hydroseeding and you have an erosion-prone lawn there may be some issues, but this is typically not a concern. 2. Do birds eat spray-on grass seed? While it's always difficult to keep birds away from seeds, generally birds will keep away from hydroseed because the mulch component of the spray-on seed is not something they want to eat. Hydroseed, especially when professionally applied, is driven into the soil as opposed to sitting on top of it, which also discourages birds. 3. Can you use spray-on grass seed on a hill? Spray-on grass seed will work on a hill but you should avoid putting it on extremely steep slopes as it can cause run-off and clumping of your seeds lower down the hill than you'd like.
Mother's Day Pop-up Card With Colorful Butterflies Mother's Day Pop-up Card With Colorful Butterflies
Mother's Day Pop-up Card With Colorful Butterflies $12.00
Product information : Material: paper Craft: handmade Greeting Card Type: Universal Applicable festivals: general Special features: none Size: Butterfly flying Packing list: Pop-up card*1
NEW DESIGN Vertical Hanging Garden Planter Flower Pots NEW DESIGN Vertical Hanging Garden Planter Flower Pots
NEW DESIGN Vertical Hanging Garden Planter Flower Pots from $6.90 $12.50
We all know how plants and flowers are an excellent way to decorate and transform our home, right? But most people do it incorrectly!Discover the New Vertical Hanging Garder Planter Flower Pots right now: the biggest success when it comes to gardens in the United States!Its technology has managed to reconcile the vase in being waterproof and breathable, ensuring sufficient moisture for your plant, without excess water. In addition, its material is ecological and ideal for growing your plants, herbs, strawberries, flowers, vegetables and much more!Corrosion resistant, the planting pockets are ideal for anywhere, whether they are outside in your garden or even in your bedroom, living room or kitchen!Get your New Vertical Hanging Garder Planter Flower Pots now and revolutionize your home!
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Solar Powered Waterproof Vintage Garden Light Solar Powered Waterproof Vintage Garden Light
Solar Powered Waterproof Vintage Garden Light $12.90 $23.90
Bring your garden to life and transform your home into a pleasant and harmonious place!Discover the Solar Powered Waterproof Vintage Garden Light right now: the solar-powered and waterproof lighting for your backyard!Already an absolute hit in backyards across Europe, Solar Garden Light is now accessible for you to decorate your home. You can turn it off and on whenever you want, without spending a dollar to charge and use it!Get yours now, transform your home and leave it the way you deserve!Specifications: Voltage: 1.2V Power: 0.06W Protection level: IP44 waterproof Package Contents: Waterproof Vintage Garden Light*1
Attractive Birdhouse Garden Stake Attractive Birdhouse Garden Stake
Attractive Birdhouse Garden Stake from $44.99 $89.99
Birdhouse Garden StakesWant to create an upscale neighborhood for your local birds to call home ? Or maybe you would like to decorate your garden with one of our many of beautiful baroque birdhouses. Just stake into the ground in your garden or in a planter and add a little extra charm to your outdoor world From every leaf to their curling vine tips, our whimsical Birdhouse Garden Stakes are a garden accent we love. Either stake it into the ground in your garden are or landscaping or you can hang it from the busiest tree in your yard. If you have family and friends that love their aviary friends, this makes a great gift that can give them a front row seat from the comfort of their own dwelling. ON Sale Today 50% Off  Pick your desired size and Click ADD TO CART to Order Yours Today Hand-crafted with durable metal and cast iron, which make our bird houses for outside with pole heavy-duty and will last years in rain/snow.   WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT - Decorative birdhouse garden accent - Weather & rust resistant - 100% quality powder coated iron - Drainage holes & access for cleaning - Hand painted with beautiful details & textures - Faux copper finish, unique finish adds timeworn character - Partial assembly; no tools needed - Sturdy three-pronged, in-ground stake keeps your accent secure DIMENSIONS: Abstract Birdhouse Garden Stake: 14-1/2"W x 7"D x 67-1/2"H (overall). Cottage Birdhouse Garden Stake: 11-1/2"W x 8-1/2"D x 75"H (overall). Farmhouse Birdhouse Garden Stake: 14-1/2"W x 12-1/2"D x 75"H (overall). Silo Birdhouse Garden Stake: 11-1/2"W x 8-1/2"D x 75"H (overall). Traditional Birdhouse Garden Stake: 14-1/2"W x 7"D x 67-1/2"H (overall). This item is NOT sold in stores! Guaranteed Safe CheckoutVISA | MASTERCARD | AMEX | DiscoverClick ADD TO CART To Order Yours NOW!100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order. In High Demand Please Allow Up to 10 Days For Delivery
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GARDEN WEED BRUSH $34.99 $69.99
A brush, braided wire, constructed from high quality steel wire for cleaning edges and surfaces, a weed cutter for wild weeds, and a weed cutter for wild weeds. Features: This sort of steel brush is mostly used for excavation, dusting, removing oxides, cleaning, and polishing accessories and is made of high-quality steel wire. Metal and stone materials can benefit from coatings. Consistency and safety are ensured by the built-in mounting plate. Allows for smooth kneeling line performance and flexibility. They put the brushes on their trimmer and went about their business as usual. Specifications: Size: 15.0 x 15.0 x 4.5cm / 5.9 x 5.9 x 1.8”(L x W x H) Material: Carbon Steel Wire Color: Silver Net Weight: 565.0g/19.9oz Package includes: 1x Garden Weed Brush
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Hose Watering Sprayer Hose Watering Sprayer
Hose Watering Sprayer $34.99 $69.99
HIGH PRESSURE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The car wash hose nozzle has 8 spray patters and a soap dispenser. New design technology can concentrate water pressure at a point, spray distance up to 6-10 meters. 8 IN 1 SPRAY PATTERNS: The foam gun has 8 types of spouts ,spin- click spray selector different settings ( rinse, stream, flat, center, jet, shower, mist and cone) which can spout water in 8 patterns for different uses, spray nozzle for garden hose fulfill your different needs. Best for Watering Plants, Lawn, Patio, and Washing Car, Showering Pets. BUILD-IN SOAP DISPENSER: The perfect combination of detergent bottle and the soap dispenser, makes you no longer need to prepare a bucket of foamy water separately when washing. You just need to put the detergent into the bottle, adjust the amount of foam by the rotary switch. Features: Save time money and energy Car home dual, automotive (car wash for 35W-150W), home (for 2-6KG) pressure tap Eight kinds of spray (mist/cone/rinse/stream/shower/jet/center/flat)  Specifications: Water flow control: steeples adjustable Foam car wash: 3 grades adjustable Front switch is more easy to control, Multi-point injection Material: ABS Plastic Size: Approx. 21*15cm Color: Green/Yellow Package Content: 1 x Car Foam Wash Gun
Grass Seed Mat Grass Seed Mat
Grass Seed Mat from $12.99
Simply scroll, pour water and watch it grow:Each roll contains fertilizer and is covered to create an all-in-one grass growth solution.Even under dense shadows or scorching sun, in extreme cases, our repair roll growth system can remain green. After launching and watering, our dedicated grass roll will stick to the ground.Then, each seed is surrounded by fertilizer and fixed between two layers of biofabric, namely our pellet fertilizer and biodegradable fabric. Patch volume:Our products are ultra-lightweight and easy to spread, rejuvenating weak turf areas.Our seed rolls are spread and thickened as much as possible to form a long-lasting lawn. Perfect protection against sunlight, shadows and more!   Size1: 3m*0.2mSize2: 10m*0.2m 
This amazing product is made and manufactured in the USA! It completely pet and child friendly and won't even hurt the rodents that you catchOur Mouse/Rat trap is 100% safe and nontoxic.This phenomenal trap allows you to relocate the mice once you catch them.No poison. No painful sticky paper. No dangerous clamps.Right now, the v is on SALE!Features: Sanitary & Safe: No more having to dispose of dead rats from glue or snap traps, which can be dangerous. Simply release the mice outside and away from your home Mice/Young Rats - The trap can catch both small mice and large rats Utility Patent Pending: Our product is filed for a utility patent by the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE Specifications: Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3 inches Item Weight: 14 ounces Package Includes: 1 x Flip-n-Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap 1 x Instructional Guide  
Solar Powered Fountain Pump Solar Powered Fountain Pump
Solar Powered Fountain Pump from $29.99
This fountain kit makes an affordable and efficient pump that requires no electricity or batteries, as it runs on solar power alone!The solar-powered water fountain comes with a few different heads that offer different types of water streams that come from the pump.Some heads offer more of a light shower, whereas others are a hard jet of water that makes the water fly up further than the rest. solar birdbath fountain is made of highly efficient solar panel and new brushless pump.It floats on the water and no need electricity. Will run automatically when the sunlight hit the solar panel.It is perfect for the bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, patio, lawn, water circulation for oxygen, and etcProduct specifications Solar panel power: 8V 1.4w Brushless pump power: 7V 160mA Maximum spray height: 45CM Maximum flow: 180L/H Maximum head is 120CM Product features: Start: when there is no sunshine pump stop working, reappear sunshine pump restart within 3 seconds.Life span: > 20,000 hours Working hours in sunny days: 8:00 AM~ 5:00 PM
These beautiful Solar Powered Ground Lights are just what every home needs to add a little sparkle to the landscape. Put them in the backyard, front yard, anywhere! They are very easy to install: just push them into the ground. The lights are considered to be "green" because they draw all of their energy from the sun. Right now, the Solar Powered Ground Lights are on sale! Features: Efficient: High power efficiency! the energy conversion rate can be up to 14%. Sensor: Integrated light sensor will automatically turn on in darkness or at night, and turn off when in the daytime Long Working Time: Built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery only needs 6-8 hours to be fully charged and can last for 8-10 hours working time Protective Design: External waterproof switch makes operation easier! IP65 waterproof and stainless steel material make lights suitable for outdoor use Specifications: LED: 8pcs LEDs Light color: white light/warm white Solar panel: 2V 130ma Battery: 400mah batteries Waterproof level: IP65 Charging time: 6-8 hours Working time: 8-10 hours Material: Stainless steel&ABS Solar panel diameter: 2.8 in Package includes: 4 or 8 x Solar Powered Ground Lights