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Multifunction Kitchen Slicer 6 Blades Multifunction Kitchen Slicer 6 Blades
Multifunction Kitchen Slicer 6 Blades $20.79 $39.49
Why have dozens of blades and appliances in your kitchen when you can put it all together in just one device? And I'm not just saying for the organization, most domestic accidents happen in the kitchen, so prevent yourself!Get to know the Multifunction Kitchen Slicer right now and turn your kitchen into a safe, clean, practical and super agile place when preparing your favorite foods!The utensil has compartments to preserve the blades that are not being used, preventing them from being lost or scattered. The snug fit of the slicer top directly over the container allows you to cook and test your new recipes with complete freedom and cooking pleasure, as the food does not spread, keeping the kitchen cleaner and more organized.Easy to clean!It is a kind of multifunctional shredder, so there are 6 blades and functionsSay goodbye to the year of the knife cut!We have good cutting techniques, so you don't have to worry about getting hurt.Attractive and ergonomic design!In addition to being easy to store and saving a lot of time, it is suitable for most foods.Don't waste any more time and guarantee your Multifunction Kitchen Slicer now!Description: Size: As the picture shows Color: Red Material: stainless steel + ABS Tips: After slicing your food, freeze it for greater durability; For cleaning, use neutral soap and a soft part of the bushing; Innovate your dishes with the variability of cuts and foods.
Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink Automatic Cup Washer Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink Automatic Cup Washer
Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink Automatic Cup Washer from $17.19 $30.10
Are you ready to NEVER waste your precious time washing all those cups in the sink again?Discover the Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink Automatic Cup Washer right now: the only one capable of cleaning any type of cup with excellence in a matter of seconds.Made for all types of glasses, the Glass Rinser can, in addition to the traditional ones, quickly, conveniently and easily clean baby bottles, wine glasses or even personalized glasses.No wonder he is already an absolute success for thousands of people around the world! Completely portable to always take with you Super lightweight and ergonomic, which eliminates strain Made of ultra tough and durable ABS plastic What are you waiting for to eliminate all that daily effort of yours? Click and get yours now!Technical specifications: Dimensions: 17.5 x 9 x 1.2 cm Weight: 550g Package Contents: 01 Ultra Automatic Washer 2.0, 01 T-Connector and 01 Water Tube
Cute Cat Humidifier 250ml Cute Cat Humidifier 250ml
Cute Cat Humidifier 250ml from $8.99 $15.44
Nobody deserves to be breathing with dry air, right? The nose is burning and hurt, the eyes are dry and we sleep very badly, which is super harmful to health.Now imagine eliminating all that in the most stylish way possible right away! Meet now the Cute Cat Humidifier that is already transforming homes on all continents of the world!With a unique kitty design, the Cute Cat Humidifier is compact and ideal for you to always take it with you, whether for your work or even for your travels. Plus, the ultrasonic humidifier has a continuous spray mode and a night light function to lighten up your day!Sounds like a dream, right? But does not stop there! It also has an aromatherapy diffuser so you can enjoy your favorite essential oils and leave your home your way! Compact and super cute design to leave your home your way USB connection with super power, durability and efficiency Continuous and intermittent spray mode to keep the air always humid Colored lights and night function to avoid discomfort Specification: USB Air Humidifier 250 mL Material: ABS + Silicone + PP Water Capacity: 250ML Color: Pink / Green / White Power: 2W Voltage: 5V Output: 45ml/h Accessories: USB cable, comes with cotton swab
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Smart Cat Ball Toys Smart Cat Ball Toys
Smart Cat Ball Toys $9.99 $14.25
If you're looking for a way to keep your kitty having fun 24 hours a day, we've got something to tell you: you found it!Meet Smart Cat Ball Toys right now and turn your home into a real amusement park for your cat! After all, you're not at home all day, but your partner is... so why not let him play in the meantime?These smart, electric balls for cats are already a hit around the world, conquering and changing the meaning of fun for pets.You might be wondering how exactly the Smart Cat Ball Toys work, but let me tell you, with a simple touch, fun is guaranteed: Charge your Smart Cat Ball Toys for up to 1 hour Unplug and press the power button Smart Cat Ball Toys will move by themselves Now the fun is with your cat for hours! Smart Cat Ball Toys move by themselves, ensuring full-time fun for your partner! And most importantly, it's not just fun, it's super important for your pet's health and training.Place your order right now by clicking the button! Your kitty will thank you!
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Dog Bath Brush Dog Bath Brush
Dog Bath Brush $7.25 $14.50
Bathing your pet is not an easy task, is it? Now imagine achieving this very quickly and without any discomfort. So if you give your friend a bath and massage him, why not?Get to know the Dog Bath Brush right now: the ecological flexible silicone brush that will save you up to 87% of your time during your pet's bath!And best of all, its operation is extremely simple, requiring no force or pressure to generate foam: Get your Dog Bath Brush Add liquid soap to the container at the top Wet your pet Run the Dog Bath Brush on it Run water to remove foam Now you will have a really clean pet, removing not only the dirt, but also the dead hair, lice and insects!Don't waste your time, click the button and get your Dog Bath Brush right now!Specifications: Name: Dog Bath Brush Color: yellow, blue Material: silicone Style: massage, bath Size: 8*8*6 (approximately) Weight: 103g (approximately) Package Included:1 bath massage brush
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Dog Car Seat Cover Dog Car Seat Cover
Dog Car Seat Cover $39.65 $79.30
Tired of leaving your car completely taken over by your dog's hair? We know that taking your pet from one side to the other is not the easiest task in the world! And you are not alone.Millions of people around the world wash and sanitize their cars every time they go for a walk with their pet. That's because he ends up releasing a lot of hair, dirtying the seat or even scratching the upholstery.Today, thanks to Dog Car Seat Cover, you can solve this once and for all and make this process much lighter and worry-free!Easy and quick installation!Comprised of quick-install clips, your Dog Car Seat Cover is ready to use in a maximum of 2 minutes, simply snap the buckle straps around the headrests and snap the anchors to the seatsTechnological and practical design!In addition to having a visual window so that the air flows perfectly to your puppy, which avoids (and a lot) his anxiety, the Dog Car Seat Cover also has two pockets on the front for you to store whatever you wantSide facilitator flaps!With its ergonomically designed structure, the Dog Car Seat Cover has side flaps to make it easier for your partner to get in or out of the car, thus avoiding scratches on the seat and doorMultifunctional and safe!You can use your Dog Car Seat Cover for whatever you want: transporting your dog, protecting the seat and door, preventing your pet from jumping onto the front seat, preventing dirt and much moreAnd you, will you stay out and keep having the usual problems or will you join the millions of pet owners around the world?Make your life easier by clicking the button and securing yours now!Specifications: Standard Size: 143 cm wide * 152 cm long Extra large size: 153 cm wide * 162 cm long Weight: 1.2-1.3 kg Color: black and gray Usage scenes: Standard size suitable for most cars and SUV's with headrests Extra large size suitable for most SUV's and trucks Package1 dog rear seat cover and 1 dog seat belt and 2 sliding door handles