SafeCoat - Reflective All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

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SafeCoat - Reflective All-weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

$49.99 $99.99 -51% OFF

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Product description

Outstanding Weather Protection for Your Pet with the SafeCoat

Your furry friend deserves the same amount of protection that you get when you wear your trusty raincoat. The SafeCoat was made to provide your pet with just that! It gives them unmatched protection from the cold, rain, or unruly weather conditions.

With its waterproof design, the SafeCoat keeps your pet's coat cozy and dry during outdoor walks. It's also designed with the appropriate openings so that your dog can conveniently expel bodily fluids.

Key Benefits

Practical design - This SafeCoat was designed with your dog's convenience in mind. It has full mid-body coverage, a hood, and space for your dog's tail to freely move.

Durable protection - Despite its lightweight design, the SafeCoat is highly durable and perfect for daily use. It does not easily break apart, making it the perfect raincoat for even the most active pet.

Amazing fit - Its flexible design makes the SafeCoat easy for your pet to wear. Plus, it wraps firmly around all the right places to provide your pet with nothing but security and comfort.

Waterproof material - Dogs are way more sensitive to the cold when their coats get drenched with water for hours. This is why the SafeCoat is needed to repel rain or any other liquids from drenching your pet's body

Style description:

1. The silver reflective cloth is adopted, the density is good and the water is impervious, and the reflective effect can ensure the safety of the dog.
2. Both sleeves and front chest of the clothes can be pasted with personalized armbands and micro-chapters, which are both stylish and cool.
3. The all-inclusive approach is adopted so that the dog will not get wet easily when going out.
4. Ultra-long neck hood, which can be used as a hood when it rains, will not wet the dog"s hair, with a drawstring design, which can be adjusted in size.
M:Chest 48CM Back Length 30CM Neck 40CM
L:Chest 54CM Back Length 35CM Neck 44CM
XL:Chest 60CM Back Length 40CM Neck 48CM
XXL:Chest 70CM Back Length 46CM Neck 54CM
XXXL:Chest 84CM Back Length 56CM Neck 63CM

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