KnobLock - Child Proof Door Lever Lock


KnobLock - Child Proof Door Lever Lock

Product description



Keep Your Doors Kid And Pet Friendly!

Prevent your young kids from opening your doors with the addition of our premium KnobLock. The KnobLock prevents levers from moving up and down, keeping your doors closed when needed.

This is especially helpful when you have young kids and pets wandering around while you're busy doing house work. Even with its simple design, the KnobLock provides your home with much-needed safety at all times.

Key Benefits 

Door Safety - Our premium KnobLock provides your home with a convenient way to keep your kids safe and secure. This tiny contraption prevents kids from running freely outdoors without supervision, making it a safety essential for every home.

Sturdy Build - This amazing KnobLock is heavy-duty and won't easily break down even if your child tries to rip it off. It comes with a sticky adhesive that remains secure at all times.

Damage Free - The KnobLock is backed with a strong Adhesive, making it easy to stick onto your door. It doesn't require any screws or bolts so that it doesn't leave any marks.

Easy Installation - Simply peel off the protective layer from the adhesive and stick the KnobLock onto your door. Pull the KnobLock out to prevent the door's lever from opening and retract it when you need to open your door.

Material : ABS

Size : About 50*35*70mm

Packing : 1Pcs Baby Door Lever Lock

Products will be delivered between 2 and 8.